arch lecture 4-20 - Ports ships and trade The Roman Economy...

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Ports, ships, and trade The Roman Economy of the Mediterranean What is the Roman economy? Globalization- interconnected economies (through trade) ability to access these commodities Language is the most important aspect of economic expression 1000’s of sub economies independent from Rome Why doesn’t the Roman empire fall sooner? Economic condition of empire that’s critical. Creates economic fall Mediterranean Sea *The Romans called the Mediterranean Sea (Internal Sea) *Isidore of Seville was the first to use the name Mare Mediterraneum (Sea between the Lands) in the sevents cent *The Atlantic Ocean can be reached through the Straight of Gibraltar *The Black Sea is reached through the Dardanelles, the Sea of Marmara and the Strait of the Bosporus - used like a highway and transportation. The Trade Winds. Image of Empire, evolves around Mediterranean. *Western Ports of the Roman Empire- once Rome takes over, takes over all the ports too Not all roads lead to Rome *Goods that were exported were produced throughout the Empire, Spain produced metals (gold, silver, copper) olive oild around Gades, and wine around Tarraco *In France metals were produced in the south, wine in the area around Burdigala, and Massilia *Sardinia exported grain and metals, Sicily grain *Oil and wine came from the land between the Po Delta and Aquileia *Africa exported animals for the arena, such as the rhinocerous –used in Roman specticle games *Places that are well suited to make commodities, but don’t have good harbors to receive them. Tuscan coast stretch, no good harbors. Have good agricultural resources but cant export them easily Building a Port at Centum Cellae- modern Civitavecchia -Reported by Pliny the Younger: Economic development around this area depends of
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arch lecture 4-20 - Ports ships and trade The Roman Economy...

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