Augustan Rome - Archaeology Notes Augustan Rome Not first...

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Archaeology Notes 3/30/2010 Augustan Rome Not first emperor He was a political genius We see political subtlety. Setting the Stage *civil wars and the Assassination of Julius Caesar *Basillica donated by Amilia family- becomes a way for non citizens of city to be able to use it more politically organized *theater of Pompey- Pompey is extremely wealthy. Creation of a large stone theater. Other large theaters previously were torn down bec. People didn’t want these stone structures of entertainment in Rome. Pompey appealed to political taste. Once Caesar enters back, they realize his designs aren’t to their political interest. Seeks out Pompey and likes his idea. theater in the republican social order is common and popular. Enviornment is dirty. They are NOT aristocrates. They would not go into that environment. Not for the right kind of people to go to. Course kind of entertainment. Julius Caesar Does this militartily and he served as his own reporter of what he was doing while bringing Ghal into territory – he promoted his own interest He serves as council. Makes sure laws are executed. Used this to expand territory to the north, encounters pissed off people (Kelts) He manages to bring region of France into Roman territorial control *Genus Iulia *Responsible for the expansion of Roman territorial control into Gaul –Battle of Alesia *Returns to Rome at the head of an experienced strong army -uses this to insert himself into the political scene He was told NOT to enter into Italy with his army which he does, the senate freaks out and asks Pompey to destroy his. Caesar won and became political hero, leader of Rome. His face was minted on a coin. Why do we put certain people on our money? What does money represent?
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Augustan Rome - Archaeology Notes Augustan Rome Not first...

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