domus area - Paper due April 15th 2-4 pages double spaced...

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Paper due April 15 th 2-4 pages double spaced Smith or Amherst College of art Reconstruct a vasel and how a manufacture would reconstruct it. Or social context of its use. Or Atruscans take these potteries and put it into ritual or symbolic use in graves Name your favorite emporor why this political figure chooses to represent himself the way they do. Critically ask why it is the way it is. Evaluation- be evaluated on clarity, write clearly. Solid idea of what you are going to write before you start. Good writing begins with clear thinking Domus Aerena of Nero *Occupied a huge area on the Oppian Hill near the (later) Coliseum *Portion preserved due to the subsequent superimposition of the Baths of Trajan Nero-last direct decendent of Julius Caesar. Rules for quarter of a centery. Makes some political mistakes. Construction of Domus Aerena. Builds golden house for himself. Domus Aerea *Tacitus on the Golden House- Nero built himself a palace, remarkable not so much for its gold and jewels- luxury. Dumped soil and built on top of it. Nero’s Domus Aurea *The Golden House “Now I can live like a human being” tone deafness of his- he is assassinated *house extensively painted with fresco (plaster painted while wet) The Octagonal Hall
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domus area - Paper due April 15th 2-4 pages double spaced...

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