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Abstract #1 - Matt Candler HPER P212 Dr Henson Abstract#1...

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Matt Candler HPER P212 Dr. Henson Abstract #1 Adler, Nancy E., and Judith Stewart. “Reducing Obesity: Motivating Action While Not Blaming the Victim.” Millbank Quarterly 87.1 (2009): 49-70 Problem: Obesity is a problem not only in the United States, but all over the world. As modern medicine improves our lives by keeping us healthier, as well as stopping many illnesses from potentially kill you, obesity continues to be a battle that Americans can’t seem to control. Hypothesis: Even though modern medicine is increasing the life expectancy of humans, obesity counteracts that sentiment by taking many people’s lives far earlier than what the average life expectancy offers. Methods: “This article examines the underlying assumptions and implications for policy and the intervention of the two predominant models used to explain the causes of obesity and also suggests a synthesis that avoids ‘blaming the victim’ while acknowledging the role of individuals’ health behaviors in weight maintenance.”
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