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Abstact #2 - Matt Candler HPER P212 Dr Henson Abstract#2...

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Matt Candler HPER P212 Dr. Henson Abstract #2 Ewing, W. “Heart Attacks.” The British Medical Journal 4.5992 (1975): 351-56 Print. Problem: Over one (1) million people in the United States suffer a heart attack in America each year. It seems like a never-ending fight against heart disease. For years, doctors have done research to prevent such tragedies from happening. But doctors can only do so much. The only person that can aid in reducing the chance of you getting a heart attack is you. Sure, family history plays an important role, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle will greatly reduce your chances of ever experiencing a heart attack. Hypothesis: There is significant correlation between the lifestyle that you choose to lead and the health of your body. Methods: Years and years of studies have been conducted to discover the reasons that heart attacks occur, and how to prevent them. Heart attacks are the biggest killer of both men and women. That kind of statistic should be an instant “eye opener” and should raise the question of “How do we prevent such event from happening?”
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