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Abstract 4

Abstract 4 - Matt Candler HPER P212 Dr Henson Abstract#4...

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Matt Candler HPER P212 Dr. Henson Abstract #4 Weiss, Helen A., Susan S. Devesa, and Louise A. Brinton. “Laterality of Breast Cancer In the United States.” Cancer Causes and Control 7.5 (1996): pp. 539-43. Problem: Due to it being Breast Cancer Awareness month, and our discussions of breast cancer in class, I’ve decided to dedicate this abstract to just that, breast cancer. The obvious problem is that breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, even though the survival rate is slightly higher than that of lung cancer. It is suggested that over 40,000 women each year lose their lives to this disease. We aren’t fully aware of what causes breast cancer, but we do know that factors such as age, genetics, and diet have a correlation to it. Hypothesis: Studies show that the left breast has a slightly higher risk of adopting cancer compared to the right side. Suggestions of this study state that due to the fact that the left breast is generally slightly larger, it in turn, involves a slightly higher risk of becoming
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