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Paper #1 W131 - Matt Candler Essay#1 Brown Have you ever...

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Matt Candler 1-27-11 Essay #1 Brown Have you ever felt as if the problems that you’ve experienced in your life were directed at you? Have you had the feeling that you were on an island by yourself where you had to deal with times in life when tough decisions had to be made and it felt like burdens just kept piling on? Most of us have been in an event or trial where we were on this solitary island of difficult experiences and had to figure out how to change them for the better. Barbara Garson, author of “McDonald’s – We Do It All For You” acknowledged this idea. In her article, she interviewed McDonald’s restaurant employees and asked them about their experiences of working within the fast food industry and the difficult situations they encountered. Another article that pinpoints self-struggle and the decisions made to improve lives is “Community, Commitment, and Individuality”, written by a collaboration of authors, Robert Bellah et al. This article recognizes people’s lives and the different kinds of adversity dealt within individuals and how they responded to them. Everyone has certain times in their lives where it may seem as if the burden is too much to endure, but it is the response to that adversity that truly reveals that kind of person you are. In life, goals should be top priorities for all that strive for a happy and successful life. Everyone should be committed to short-term goals, as well as long-term goals. Both are very important to people and are hopefully achievable for all. In Barbara Garson’s article “McDonald’s – We Do It All For You”, she spoke with a young McDonald’s
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manager on his plan for the future, as well as his experience at McDonald’s. Jon DeAngelo became a McDonald’s manager when he was just nineteen years old. His
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