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J210 VisCom handout Canon G11 digital camera Quick Start for Video This handout provides you illustrated step-by-step instruc- tions on how to use the Canon G11 digital camera as a video camera. It builds on your knowledge of the camera as a still photo device and as with the first G11 hand- out, most of this is taken directly from the Canon Users Manual. You will find the complete manual in PDF form on Oncourse. Tripod. While useful for still photography, the tripod is nearly essential for video capture. Because motion is such a large part of the video experience, camera motion must be carefully controlled. The tripod keeps the motion of the camera steady and, when you want to introduce camera movement in the form of a pan or tilt, it produces a far more regular motion than you can achieve hand held. For video, check out a tripod when you check out the camera. Zoom . The zoom lens on the G11 does not operate during shooting. That’s a good thing for a beginner. The discipline
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Unformatted text preview: of moving the camera with intention is the fundamental platform upon which more complex work can be built later. There is a “digital zoom” that you want to avoid. Turn it off by pressing MENU, choosing the tab, and choos-ing Digital Zoom Off. Because people are using the camera for various purposes, you would be wise to reset the camera to the default set-tings before you being using it. Before you shoot, confirm that the image quality for mov-ies is 640x480 30fps, standard mode. The iMacs in the Multimedia lab have SD card readers on the right side. Be sure to orient the card correctly. Once mounted, It will show up on the desktop like a USB drive. Double-click on it and drag the DCIM folder(s) onto your folder on the JSchool server. Each clip you shot has two parts: 1) the .MOV file will open in iMovie or in Quicktime. 2) the .THM file will open in Preview...
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1.Canon+G11+VideoQuickStart - of moving the camera with...

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