7.Soundslides+fa10 - Page 1 Overview As you build your...

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Unformatted text preview: Page 1 Overview. As you build your slide show in Soundslides by adding photos, soundtrack, head- line, captions, and by formatting to fit the class design. Behind the scenes, Soundslides creates the additional files and writes the necessary Flash action scripting to make your project play on the Web. Never open the “Project folder” or you will crash your project. Preliminaries 1. Create a folder called “Slideshow” and keep all related files in it. At the beginning of each working session, drag it from your space on the JSchool server to your Desktop. At the end of each session, copy it back into your server space (replace) and copy it onto a memory device of your own (Flash drive, etc.) 2. Copy all of your photos into a new folder called “All images,” then edit the images in Bridge and make copies of only the 20-30 im- ages you will use. Put the copies into a new folder called “Select images.” Recall that your slideshow you will use only horizontal images. 3. Collect your interviews and natural sound. Write, refine and record your voice-over. Down- load music and, if appropriate, sound effects. 4. Create your sound track in Soundbooth. Mix your interviews, voice overs, natural sound, music and, if appropriate, sound effects. When you have refined your soundtrack, mix it down to save as an mp3, 128Kbps. (Soundslides only accepts mp3 files that are 128Kbps or less.) Save the file in your Slideshow folder. You must make the soundtrack before you can work in Soundslides. Your slides will be expanded or contracted to fit the length of the sound track. 6. Use Photoshop to color balance and tone the photos in the “Select images” folder. Crop only to a 12 x 9 dimension. Ethical note. In journalism, digital editing is ethically acceptable to correct for problems in the medium. However, altering the content is unethi- cal. Do not add, delete or move contents. Do not adjust the colors beyond what you saw. 7. All the photos must be the same shape: 12 x 9....
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7.Soundslides+fa10 - Page 1 Overview As you build your...

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