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If you have never created an audio slideshow, here’s a suggested process for your project. Yours may not go in exactly this sequence, but these are the steps you need to accomplish. Consider them a checklist. 1. Brainstorm and choose a topic. 2. Find a person who exemplifies that topic. 3. Establish contact and find out when she or he engages in the real action that makes her/his story interesting. Make an appointment. 4. Before the appointment, research your topic, and make a list of key questions. 5. Before you began photographing, talk with your subject. Ask what he/she will be doing and where. Get a sense of the possible shots. Tell her/him to ignore you and that you’ll be taking many photos. 6. Photograph your first round of pictures. 7. On the same visit began to collect natural sound. But don’t try to shoot and record simultaneously. 8. Conduct the interview with your main subject. For good sound quality, find a noise-free place.
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