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Bridge_CS5 - J210 VisCom handout Using Bridge to edit...

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Overview. After downloading your photos, if you double click on one, it opens in Preview, which doesn’t let you do any editing. Bridge, a companion program to Photoshop, lets you see your entire take and make selections. When you double click an image in Bridge, it opens in Photoshop ready to edit. 1. Bridge works with folders. Once the folder(s) from the camera is downloaded, change the folder name to some- thing that makes sense. I recommend the year, month, day and description, like this: 2010_06_09 Lake Nakuru. 2. Launch Bridge from the dock at the bottom of your monitor (inside the Graphics folder on JSchool computers) and then drag your folder onto the icon. 3. The Bridge window, shown below, has several Set-ups. Choose ESSENTIALS at the top of the main window. Now you have several adjustable panes. By grabbing the two vertical lines between the panes and dragging, you can change the pane sizes. Adjust yours as in the example so that you can navigate to Folders on
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