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Reporter ʼ s Checklist Will your lede make readers want to read more? Is it accurate? Is it appropriate? Does your story support the lede? Do you have all the Five W ʼ s? Is your story focused? Are your sources representative of all sides of the issue? Are your quotes accurate, in context and attributed properly? Are there any ethical or legal red ±ags you need to address? Is your story organized logically? Is it interesting? Have you written in clear, concise sentences? Have you eliminated cliches? Have you checked your spelling? Read it backwards. Have you checked your grammar and sentence length? Read it out loud.
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Unformatted text preview: Have you double-checked all names, titles, dates and places? Have you conrmed and attributed your facts? Have you double-checked any math or percentages in your story? Have you tried all phone numbers and Web addresses to make sure they work? Is your punctuation correct? Have you followed AP Style? Did you format your story as directed by your editor/instructor? Is the story format appropriate for the audience for whom you are writing? (Web, print, broadcast, etc.)...
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