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Mark Slouka’s Mark Slouka’s Dehumanized Dehumanized 1. The Problem – the “essential drama of American education today” (p. 32) American education = an instrument of production The main criterion for assessing effectiveness of education is economic What’s at stake? = our democracy Education should form/shape citizens, not only produce workers 2. What type of education is needed? – the “humanities humanities … are a superb delivery mechanism for… democratic values” (p. 37) Humanities: Humanities: teach us the need to question and how to question the status quo help shape people who are resistant to demagoguery and manipulation create new opportunities and eliminate old dogmas
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Critique of mathandscience – what they “don’t do well is democracy” (p. 38) Mathandscience: Mathandscience: • are politically neutral • have specialized vocabulary that segregates them from the wider population • produce “products” with little impact on one’s self, one’s humanity 4. The Solution – What’s to be done? Education should emphasize the forming of “knowledgeable, reasoning, independent-minded individuals” who are: • able to lend their judgment, compassion, and breath (and thereby contribute to the political life of the nation) and • sufficiently skilled (to find productive employment) “In that order.” In that order.”...
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Slouka_Dehumanized - 3. Critique of mathandscience – what...

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