Framing_Arguments - large segments of population C :...

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Premise and Conclusion Premise and Conclusion Example 1: Weissberg – defending the Electoral College P1 – The system is workable and proven P2 – The system preserves the two-party system P3 – The system makes presidential campaigns manageable C : Retain the system as is P1 and P2 and P3 THEREFORE Conclusion P1 – implicit (general) People are motivated by what they have P2 – explicit •The Founding Fathers had extended personalty P3 – explicit •They needed a strong government to protect their fortunes (protect what they had ) C : They designed the Constitution to protect their financial stakes Conclusion BECAUSE OF P3 P2 P1 Example 2: Beard – What motivated the Founding Fathers? Conclusion BECAUSE OF P1 and P2 and P3
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Counterarguments with Substance Counterarguments with Substance P1 – Founding Fathers had personalty interests P2 – More importantly , they had realty interests P3 – Realty interests were shared by
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Unformatted text preview: large segments of population C : Everyone who owned realty benefitted Conclusions Beard: minority benefitted (original argument) Brown (responding to Beard): majority benefitted Sources Sources P1: Not primary, original BUT secondary writings P2: Beards sources are not impartial C : Beards argument cannot be impartial Example 3: Browns counterargument Example 4: Browns criticism of Beard Correlations Correlations Example 5: Beard E1 : People who made substantial financial investments are motivated by protecting/expanding investments E2 : Government policies favor affluent business groups C1 : People with significant financial investments affect policies of the Government OR? Possible rebuttal C2 : The absence of well-organized trade unions allows the affluent business groups to affect policies of the Government Correlations may be explained in multiple ways...
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Framing_Arguments - large segments of population C :...

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