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Who elects the President? Who elects the President? Originally, it was believed that the President will be elected by a group of older statesmen (the electoral college) BUT the emergence of political parties w/ competing interests and high degree of partisanship led to Article II section 1 Article II section 1 and the 12 the 12 th th Amendment Amendment (of 18040 of the Constitution: •The President is elected by the Electoral College the Electoral College Americans do not vote directly for a Presidential Candidate •Members of the electoral College are elected through popular elections on the state level Electors are selected on a state-by-state basis The names of electors are not on the ballot Voters – who vote for the president – actually choose electors The number of electors equals the number of Representatives and Senators in each state
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Who elects the President? – cont. Who elects the President? – cont. Rules of selecting the electors are determined by individual states but: States follow the winner-takes-all the winner-takes-all mechanism (the winning candidate gets all electoral votes from the state) Exceptions: Nebraska and Maine proportional representation Electors meet in their state capitals on the Monday after the second Wednesday of December and cast their votes on separate ballots for President and Vice President •Electors never meet as one body Who are the electors? Usually, party officials, party leaders, people w/ direct affiliation w/ presidential candidates After voting is done, electors certify the vote and send results to Washington, D.C. •The candidate with the highest number of electoral Votes is the President for 4
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Electoral_College - Who elects the President? Who...

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