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Week 9 Writing Exercise (worth 5 points) Due: Tuesday, March 22 In place of our weekly quiz this week, please write a 1-pg. (double-spaced) response on one of the two following options: Option 1: Write a 1-pg. summary of Lynn Spigel’s article “Women’s Work.” (Even if you don’t choose this option, you are still expected to read the article.) To help you narrow down her claims, you might focus on some of these key questions that pertain to her overall argument: What are the two spheres of human activity that middle-class ideals of domesticity were built upon? How does Spigel complicate the separation of those two spheres through the figure of the housewife? Why were TV broadcasters initially reluctant to offer original daytime programming, and what led them to eventually start making daytime TV? What were some notable examples of early daytime programming? Why did these types of shows seem well suited to their intended audience? What did media producers try to teach women through magazine-style shows?
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