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1. The perception of a problem (An impression on one’s part that something is wrong, A state of affairs exists that one would rather not exist) 2. The diagnosis of the problem (What is causing this un-ideal situation?) 3. The Imaginative Reconstruction (One’s ideal conditions or the status quo that one would want to see actualized in the real world) 4. The Prescription (That which is required to move from the problem to ideal or one’s actualized goal) Guiding Questions: Sullivan and Breuning 1. Metaphysics? 2. Epistemology? 3. Human Nature? 4. Political Association? Guiding Questions: McCartney 1. Pluralist? 2. Separatist? 3. Counter-Communalists? Guiding Questions: Dawson 1. How is the position (socio-economic-political-cultural) of African America explained? What specific roles are race class, and gendered assigned? 2. Who or what is the enemy? 3.
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Hanks+Y386+Guiding+Questions - Guiding Questions The...

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