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Politics of Diversity – Public Policy Issues Race 1. Racial Profiling 2. Affirmative Action 3. Reparations 4. Environmental Justice 5. Bilingual Education 6. Immigration Policy 7. Equal/Opportunity versus Equal Results 8. Affirmative Apportionment 9. Counter Movement Issues (White Nationalism) Gender 1. Affirmative Action 2. Equal Work - Equal Pay 3. Abortion 4. Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 5. Sexual Harassment 6. Gay Marriage 7. Military Service (Combat Duty) 8. Equal Treatment under the Law (Trans-gendered)
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Counter Movement Issues (Men’s Movement: Child Custody, Alimony, etc Sexual Orientation/Preference 1. Civil Rights and Non-Discrimination 2. Military Service 3. Marriage and Domestic Partnerships 4. Sodomy Laws Age 1. Mandatory Retirement 2. Re-testing Driving License 3. Age Profiling - Insurance Companies Disability 1. Access 2. Accommodation 3. Discrimination based on actual or perceived limitations...
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