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C335 Production as Criticism Final Paper assignment (150 points) Total points: 150 [25 for draft/peer feedback, 125 for paper] For this assignment, you will write a 5-7 page paper that demonstrates the learning goal of Production as Criticism in this section of the course: to use the practice of film criticism, through both conceptual tools and specific media texts, to gain a greater facility with the terminology, theory, and analysis of cinema. Your paper will have two main components. First, you will do a shot analysis of TWO musical numbers/scenes from your chosen film. Second, you will incorporate key course terms into your discussion. You may choose any movie musical to write about. It cannot be one that we’ve watched for class or for our group presentations—and you must get approval for your film choice. Your schedule for this project is as follows: (1) April 12 (week 14): Submit your movie choice and topic for approval. After this, you will have two weeks to write your first draft. (2)
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C335+Final+Paper+assignment+_Spr.+_11_ - C335 Production as...

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