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C335 Group Presentation Assignment DUE in lecture meeting, Week 8, March 1, 2011 Production Analysis (1) Each group will be assigned one musical film (I will provide disc copies) from which they will cover the following topics (each member of the group will be responsible for an assigned area of analysis): 1. Shots and transitions 2. Integration of story/music 3. Production context 4. Mise-en-scène/aesthetics 5. Camerawork [Note: one group will have 6 people. That group will have the additional area:] 6. Promise of Utopia (see our Schatz reading) (2) Each group will meet outside class in whatever way works for them to organize, distribute tasks, and rehearse (which I strongly recommend) their presentation. You will be graded both as a group and as individuals (see below). (3) Specific Requirements : Each presentation should be between 12-15 min. (no longer or I will have to cut you off and you will have an incomplete presentation, which is why rehearsal is so important). You will need one visual component, either slides or a brief clip (in the 1-2
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C335+Group+Presentation+Assignment+_Spring+2011_ - C335...

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