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GENERAL GUIDELINES FOR MIDTERM REVIEW C335 Production as Criticism The following tips will help you prepare for your Midterm next week. These are general suggestions rather than an exact replica of everything that will appear on the exam. If you have kept up with the readings and taken notes during lecture/discussion—and have absorbed the basics you’ve learned in lab—you should do well. If you have missed any class period (lecture or lab), it would be a good idea to get class notes from one of your peers as some of your responses will need to include that information. The exam will be drawn from sources, including readings, lecture, and films, from material covering Week 3 through Week 8 (remember, we switched Weeks 8 and 11). See below. SOURCES: Article “Carrying Concealed Weapons: Gendered Makeover in Calamity Jane Screening: Calamity Jane (McDonald) Article “‘Shall We Dance?’ Feminist Cinema Remakes the Musical” (Fischer) Screening: Dreamgirls Article “‘Feed Me!’ Power Struggles and the Portrayal of Race in Little Shop of Horrors”
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