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CMCL C335 CONTINUITY EXERCISE EDITING REMINDERS 1) Remember to set up your scratch disks when you plug in your external hard drive and start Final Cut Pro. Failure to do this will cost you points on this assignment. Set up a folder for your project, sequence, and clips, and name it after the members of your group. Save it to your external hard drive! 2) You should aim ideally for audio levels somewhere between -12 and 0db. Be sure that your audio is not blown out. 3) Be sure that you save your project often. 4) Do not clutter up your timeline with unnecessary audio and video tracks. You should have, at most, 2 video tracks and 4 audio tracks for this continuity exercise. You want to be clean and efficient in your editing habits, and simplifying your use of the FCP timeline will go a long way toward making larger projects much more manageable. I will look at these timelines in my evaluation, and sloppy editing practices will cost you points on this exercise.
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Unformatted text preview: 5) Don’t forget about your ambient audio. It can be very useful in smoothing over transitions between shots and speakers. 6) There are no stipulations on the use of transitions in this exercise, though you are required to have a title at the beginning and a credit sequence at the end . You may incorporate slug if you like. 7) Remember that the point of this exercise is to demonstrate your understanding of continuity. It is incumbent upon you as editors to create seamless transitions between the shots you collected in production. Pay attention to your cuts and to audio continuity in addition to the compositional pairing of characters 1 and 2 that you are supposed to communicate to your audience. 8) When you are finished, be sure that you Export the timeline Using Quicktime Conversion . Save this file to your group’s folder on the external hard drive. 9) You should start the export process by 3:55PM. 10) Good luck!...
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