CMCL+C335+Continuity+Exercise - CMCL C335 CONTINUITY...

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CMCL C335 CONTINUITY EXERCISE Each group will shoot the specific list of shots below as part one of this two-part lab exercise. In your next lab session you will be asked to edit your shots into a meaningful whole, therefore integrating your learned shooting skills with your editing skills. Your group will check out the following for part one: 1. Sony HDV Camera 2. Tripod 3. Shotgun mic/boom and headphones Shoot the sequence below precisely according to the directions. You may do re-takes and it is suggested that you do so if you feel that the shot does not live up to expectations. You must also both verbally mark each shot (“Shot 1, take 2,” for example) and write each shot on the shot list provided to you. Doing this will enable you to stay better organized and to not leave shots out. In other words, it is meant to help you succeed. Failure to mark each shot both ways will hurt your score on this exercise. You must turn in your log sheet with your footage. Failure to do so will also hurt your score on this exercise. You will be graded on 1) your ability to follow directions, 2) your ability to visually render an image from the information
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CMCL+C335+Continuity+Exercise - CMCL C335 CONTINUITY...

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