Allied Mutual lapsed policy letter

Allied Mutual lapsed policy letter - West Lafayette,...

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Aligned Insurance LAPSE Allied Mutual Insurance Company P.O. Box 2915, West Lafayette, IN 47906 DATE OF NOTICE INSURANCE OFFICE/AGENT Nov. 17, 1994 176197 Burns/165782 COVERAGE TERMINATION DATE: DEC. 01, 1994 AT 12:01 A.M. STANDARD TIME AT YOUR ADDRES S 19. N. ELM St. OLATHE, KS 66061 UNIT YEAR MAKE 1 90 FORD Allied Mutual Auto Insurance Policy D12213Q6285 Account Number 364500123-111117 Premium Due Date 11/10/94 According to our records the required premium to renew this policy has not been received. Because of that, insurance coverage will terminate on the date and time shown above. If you have not purchased another policy and payment of the required amount due is received by the coverage termination date, and approved by the company at its Regional Office in
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Unformatted text preview: West Lafayette, Indiana, you will receive notification providing you with uninterrupted coverage. Should Payment be received after the termination date, protection may be reinstated as of the date the premium is received and approved by the Company at its Regional Office in West Lafayette, Indiana. Kansas Law requires that Insurance for every motor vehicle is to be maintained continuously throughout the registration period. The operation of any motor vehicle without maintaining continuous insurance is a class B misdemeanor and the drivers' license of the owner and any motor vehicle registration are subject to suspension. For Service call Denny Walling at 316-555-6828. ____________________________________________ AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE...
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Allied Mutual lapsed policy letter - West Lafayette,...

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