Choosing a Topic for the W231 Team Project

Choosing a Topic for the W231 Team Project - Choosing a...

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Choosing a Topic for the W231 Team Project Your first task is crucial: selecting an appropriate, workable topic. Each student will identify a topic and write an individual preliminary proposal describing a current, significant problem in a local professional organization or business (or campus organization) for which a variety of solutions may be possible. Teams will form and choose the problem they feel best meets the criteria presented below. Criteria for the Problem An organizational problem, not a social problem or debatable issue : Do not choose abortion, homelessness, right to die, gun control, racism, etc. Your purpose is not to make a claim about an issue. Your purpose is to conduct research to find solutions to a local problem. More on this below. Local, not global; narrow, not broad: Choose a problem which primarily affects you and your organization or company, not the entire state or country. (The problem may exist at similar organizations or businesses, but you will only address the local situation.) Your topic should be narrow enough that you can adequately address it in the time allotted for the project and in the assigned length of the documents. Organization-centered, not "me-centered" : Your problem should not be a complaint you have against your company or organization. You must have an interest in improving a situation for your organization , and they must agree that the problem exists and express an interest in your research. Criteria for the Research Question Open-ended: Begin your question with a phrase such as "How can. ..?" or "What are the ways . ....?" The question should elicit a variety of workable solutions, not just a yes or no answer or other factual response. In most cases, there will be several possible solutions. More on expressing the problem as a question below. Criteria for the Target Audience
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Choosing a Topic for the W231 Team Project - Choosing a...

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