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Preliminary Proposal for the Team Project

Preliminary Proposal for the Team Project - Preliminary...

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Preliminary Proposal for the Team Project To be posted on Oncourse to class (copy and paste; no attachment) by 11pm Saturday, October 3 Teams form Monday, October 5 Your first step in the team research project is to identify a potential research question suitable for this course. Although this project will be conducted in teams, before we form teams, each of you must identify a workplace problem that meets the criteria discussed in the project guidelines. You will compose a memo to the class suggesting the problem you identify as a potential topic for the project. Teams will choose topics from among those suggested by the class members. The purpose of the preliminary proposal memo is to ensure that each student fully understands the criteria of the project we’re about to undertake and to create a pool of ideas from which teams can choose. Before you begin your proposal, be sure to read and study the Choosing a Topic for Your Preliminary Proposal handout; do not attempt to write your proposal without a complete understanding of the criteria for choosing a topic. I suggest that you email me or speak with me in advance to make sure you are on the right track. IMPORTANT DIRECTIONS: By the deadline on your syllabus schedule, upload your preliminary proposal in the appropriate folder in Resources for the entire class to read. Bring a copy to me on Monday, October 5. Make sure that the subject line is appropriately specific and descriptive. E.g., "Reducing turnover at UPS 82nd St. Hub" (NOT the name of the assignment). We need to be able to skim through the list and quickly identify various proposals.
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