Sample Preliminary Proposal Memo

Sample Preliminary Proposal Memo - MEMO To: W231 Class...

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MEMO To: W231 Class From: Erin Student Date: 2-15-04 Subj: Recruiting Volunteers for the Damien Center’s Buddy Program This memo outlines my proposal for the upcoming team project. Problem Definition and Target Audience The Damien Center is a local agency in Indianapolis that provides support and services to people with HIV and AIDS. One of their programs that is especially important and in need of volunteers is the Buddy Program, in which a volunteer commits to be a "buddy" to a client in a residential facility. Volunteers for this program make weekly visits to their buddy and sometimes take them out (shopping, movies, restaurants, etc.). It is a wonderful program that makes a huge difference in the clients` lives. Unfortunately, volunteers are in high demand because many people have never heard of the Damien Center, or do not wish to volunteer for this program because of the stigma surrounding HIV and AIDS (the project would not attempt to address this particular issue, however). The research question this project would attempt to answer is "How can
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This note was uploaded on 10/15/2011 for the course ENG-W 231 taught by Professor Saraherrell during the Spring '11 term at IUPUI.

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Sample Preliminary Proposal Memo - MEMO To: W231 Class...

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