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Interview Guide Example

Interview Guide Example - supervised How much of your time...

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Interview Guide Name and Title of Interviewee: Mrs. Sharon Z. Rangazas Senior Lecturer & Assistant to the Chair Location of Interview: Office Address of Interviewee: 402 North Blackford Street LD 270P Indianapolis, Indiana 46202-3216 Date and Time of Interview: August 27, 2003 – 2:30 PM Purpose of Interview: My primary purpose for this interview is to gather information about professional writing in the field of math education so my readers and I can apply this information to our career goals involving writing. What do you feel are the characteristics of effectively written documents? How important are good writing skills in the workplace? Describe your writing process. What type of documents do you create/receive? Who assigns your writing tasks? Do they also supervise the process? Do you ever write collaboratively? With how many others? How is the work divided and
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Unformatted text preview: supervised? How much of your time is spent writing in the workplace? What sort of time limits do you work with when you write? What types of research methods and resources do you use? Who are your audiences? Do you ever write for multiple readers (with differing levels of knowledge)? How does this change your writing process? What role does email play in your workplace? What is the protocol for using e-mail vs. paper documents? Do you enjoy writing in your workplace? Why or why not? What training/classes did you take or find helpful for your writing? I will be writing an applied research paper for this class. Is your organization currently experiencing any problems I could address in this paper?...
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Interview Guide Example - supervised How much of your time...

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