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Lit Review Intro PowerPoint - Features of the Literature...

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Features of the Features of the Literature Review Literature Review Purpose: to convey a lot of knowledge from the authors/experts in an easily accessible format Focus: main themes/ideas Rhetorical features: introduction, subheadings, conclusion Style features: topic sentences describing the Intellectual demands: lots of summary, paraphrase, and quotation 30% of the literature review is your material 70% is summary/paraphrase/quotation from sources
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Topic Sentences Introduce Topic Sentences Introduce Sections Sections Organizational Structure/Dynamics Many authors agree that the way in which an organization is set up structurally can either facilitate or hinder its use of teams and teamwork. For example, according to Butman (1993) and Baskerville (1993), a traditional organization, where lower level employees are treated as mindless workers who have no valid input, may have a much more difficult time implementing a team structure as compared to an organization where front line employee input is valued. Another study (Allcorn 2002) indicates that teams must be organized in ways that show the employer values all employees…
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Lit Review Intro PowerPoint - Features of the Literature...

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