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Literature Review Paragraph answer - unprecedented rate,...

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Practice Literature Review Paragraph The literature is consistent in pointing out that turnover is inevitable and can never be entirely eliminated. As Baillie (1996) argues, “Societal influences encourage people to job hop, regardless of the person’s own motivations” (p. 13). In fact, turnover is a natural part of organizational functioning, according to Jeffrey Mount (1994), the President of Wright’s Gourmet House. Sociologist Roger Herman (1997, p. 12) agrees with Mount (1994, p. 6) that turnover affects small businesses as well as large ones. According to Sylvia Kelley (1998), a Harvard Business School professor, “People are changing jobs and occupations at an
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Unformatted text preview: unprecedented rate, causing a constant churning of labor in the marketplace (p. 15). This impact of turnover on businesses is emphasized by Herman (1997), who claims that organizations can expect to replace the equivalent of their entire part-time staff every three to four years and replace the entire full time staff every six to seven years (p. 27). Ultimately, turnover visits every company regardless of the cause (Herman, 1997; Kelley, 1998). Although the authors point out that turnover cant be completely eliminated, they do agree that it can be reduced to a manageable degree....
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Literature Review Paragraph answer - unprecedented rate,...

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