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Questionnaire Example 2 - _Disagree_Strongly Disagree Your...

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Social Work Practicum Survey This survey is part of a class project on how the IUPUI School of Social Work could increase effectiveness in social work practica. Your answers will remain anonymous and completely confidential if returned as an attachment. Please email your response to ******* as an attachment or place in the BSW student mailbox. DO NOT USE REPLY FOR THIS MESSAGE. Sex ___Female ___Male Have you completed your Junior Practicum? ___Yes ___No How satisfied are you with your practicum placement site? ___Very Satisfied ___Satisfied ___Not Satisfied Balancing time between classes and field practicum is difficult. ___Strongly Agree ___Agree ___Disagree ___Strongly Disagree Social work students are used as employees to fill employment gaps in agencies. ___Strongly Agree ___Agree
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Unformatted text preview: ___Disagree ___Strongly Disagree Your placement sites matched your career interests ___Strongly Agree ___Agree ___Disagree ___Strongly Disagree Your agency was beneficial to your practicum experience. ___Strongly Agree ___Agree ___Disagree ___Strongly Disagree Time constraints on field instructors hinder the learning process of the practicum. ___Strongly Agree ___Agree ___Disagree ___Strongly Disagree How often did your professor of S381 stay in contact with your field instructor? ___Often ___Occasionally ___Rarely What are some suggestions that you think should be considered to increase the effectiveness of future practicum? Thank you for taking time out of you busy schedules to complete this survey. We greatly appreciate your assistance....
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Questionnaire Example 2 - _Disagree_Strongly Disagree Your...

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