YU 3541Fall 2008 Course Outline

YU 3541Fall 2008 Course Outline - YORK UNIVERSITY ATKINSON...

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YORK UNIVERSITY ATKINSON FACULTY SCHOOL OF ADMINISTRATIVE STUDIES FALL 2008 COURSE : ADMS 3541 Personal Financial Planning Thursdays, 7-10 pm LOCATION: ACW 106 E-Mail: [email protected] TEXT BOOK: Personal Financial Planning, Ho & Robinson, Fourth Edition, Captus Press, 2005. Students are also expected to read current business events in the Globe & Mail and the National Post, on a regular basis as current events form part of the classroom discussions. COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is a general introduction to personal financial planning. Class lectures and discussions will be built around the following key topics: 1. Financial objectives and the Family Life Cycle. 2. Mathematics of personal finance. 3. Managing Cash Flows. 4. Controlling credit and debt. 5. Managing Investments. 6. Tax Planning. 7. Financing the Purchase of Property. 8. Risk (Insurance) management 9. Retirement Planning. 10. Estate Planning. COURSE OBJECTIVES: 1. To learn to think in financial terms. 2. To understand the components of the financial planning process. 3. To analyze a client’s financial needs and situation, and prepare the appropriate financial plan. GRADING : Mid-term Exam: 20% Group Assignments: 20% Quizzes and Class Participation: 20% Final Exam: 40%
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GROUP ASSIGNMENTS Students are expected to work on the assignments in groups of 3 or 4. Assignments will require work outside the classroom. Assignments must be submitted on the due dates at the beginning of the class. Faxed, E-mailed or late assignments will not be accepted unless accompanied by a valid medical note. Each student is responsible to the group and on ly one grade will be assigned to each paper submitted. Each student must ensure that their name is included on the front of each assignment. ASSIGNMENTS (2): Assignments should comply with the following requirements: a. Typed on 8 ½” x 11” white paper. b. Stapled in the upper left-hand corner. c. Include each students full name, student number, course name and number and submission date. d. Grammar and spelling will be taken into consideration. QUIZZES AND CLASS PARTICIPATION : Quizzes (3) will be used to assess the students preparation and understanding of the assigned material. Quizzes are generally given at the beginning of the applicable class and dates of these quizzes will not be given in advance. Classes are interactive and students are expected to come to class prepared (assigned chapters read and assigned problems attempted) and ready to participate. Marks will be assigned and awarded based on class participation. MID-TERM EXAM: The mid-term exam will be given on the date indicated in the detailed course agenda below. There will not be a make-up exam for the mid-term. Students who miss the mid-term exam for legitimate medical or religious reasons will have the final exam count for 70% of their total mark for this course. FINAL EXAM:
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YU 3541Fall 2008 Course Outline - YORK UNIVERSITY ATKINSON...

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