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4112_lab1_09162007 - ECE4112 Internetwork Security Lab 1 OS...

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ECE4112 Internetwork Security Lab 1: OS Installation and Introduction to security tools Date Assigned: 8/28/2007 Date Due: 9/4/2007 Last Edited : September 16, 2007 Please read the entire lab and any extra materials carefully before starting. Be sure to start early enough so that you will have time to complete the lab. Answer ALL questions in the provided Answer Sheet and be sure you turn in to the TAs ALL materials listed in the Turn-in Checklist on or before the Date Due. Goal: This lab is designed to help you setup your hard drive with the OS’s and programs you will be using throughout the semester. Summary: This lab consists of two parts. In the first part, you will install RedHat Workstation 4.0 on your hard disk and create virtual machines with different operating systems. In the second part, you will install and use various security tools. Background: o Read “Hacking Exposed” Chapters 1, 2, 3 o Try running “nslookup” in a windows command prompt followed by the site whose IP you’d like to know (while you are on a machine connected to the Internet outside our isolated lab) (for example nslookup www.google.com) o Read about the tool “Dig” at http://www.kloth.net/services/dig.php o Read about Bridged Networks for VMware at: http://www.vmware.com/support/ws4/doc/network_bridged_ws.html#1061788 1. If you are not familiar with Linux, please look at the Appendix “General Linux Tips” and also please go to the following website to learn some basic commands. The best way to learn is to experiment on your machine. http://www.reallylinux.com/docs/basic.shtml Section 1 Prelab Glance at the Appendices now so that you know what information is at the back of this lab. Read the Georgia Tech Computer and Network Usage Policy http://www.oit.gatech.edu/information_security/policy/usage/ - 1 -
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Section 2 Prelab: Turn in this pre-lab part to the TAs with your completed answer sheet at the completion of the lab. At home or on a school computer which is connected to the Internet (our security lab machines are not connected to the Internet): Use the whois databases ( for example www.internic.net/whois.html ); a registery whois lookup (for example http://www.networksolutions.com/en_US/whois/index.jhtml ); and the American Registery for Internet Numbers (ARIN) (for example http://ww2.arin.net/whois/ ) to find out everything you can about the company Internet Security Systems ( www.iss.net ). Attach a printout or hand written SUMMARY (not every single IP address required!) of that information to your lab answer sheet turn in. Prelab Q 2.1. How do you defend your own network against this type of information gathering? Lab Scenario: You will set up a RedHat Workstation 4.0 host machine with a base IP address, VMware, a RedHat 7.2 virtual machine, and an XP virtual machine. You will have three computers in one box all connected together in a bridged network which can communicate through one single network interface card. This one card will connect your multiple virtual computers to any network the host machine’s physical interface card
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4112_lab1_09162007 - ECE4112 Internetwork Security Lab 1 OS...

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