The Prodigal Son

The Prodigal Son - The boy runs to the nearest pay phone...

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Nolan Dickson Mr. Rebenstorf English II-8 9 December 2009 Extra Writing 2 The Modern Day Prodigal Son There was a boy who grew up on a rich southern plantation. His father is single parent whose wife died in after giving birth to the boy. The boy starts hanging out with the wrong group and eventually comes home drunk. So his father grounded him and took away his drivers license. That night the boy took all the money he had earned from his job and ran away. The boy takes a bus up to Chicago to go and live with his cousin with a bad reputation. The boy eventually starts harder drugs and gets caught up in alcohol problems. The boy begins an illegal gambling problem and a cocaine addiction. He gets more in debt as months go on and eventually there are people who want him dead. His cousin kicks him out of his apartment and the boy is left to rot on the streets. As he roams the streets he thinks of his father who must be lonely without his only son. He realizes that his father was only trying to help him
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Unformatted text preview: . The boy runs to the nearest pay phone and calls his dad, no answer, so he leaves a message saying that he has made a mistake and wants to come home tomorrow . The boy returns home with the last of his money and arrives at home . When the boy is walking back to the plantation he spots his father waiting at the door of his home and all the sudden, the father runs up to his son and embraces him . The boy tries to apologize but his father interrupts him saying that he should get dressed because there is a banquet inside waiting for his arrival . Meanwhile, the father’s older, more faithful son complains to his father about how his little brother who has made so many mistakes in the past is getting this banquet thrown for him. The father then scolds the boy and tells him that the boy has gone off and sinned but he is forgiven when he entered the door of my home....
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The Prodigal Son - The boy runs to the nearest pay phone...

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