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GFM 04-19 - Geography of Forced Geography of Forced...

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Unformatted text preview: Geography of Forced Geography of Forced Migration April 19, 2010 Geography of Forced Migration Geography of Forced Migration ► Concept of integration Varying definitions Ager and Strang’s Conceptual Ager and Strang’s Conceptual Framework of Integration (2004) Case Study of the Czech Case Study of the Czech Republic: Why the Czech Republic? ► Country in transition Recent member of the European Union From sending to receiving country ► Integration research limited in its geographic scope Dominant focus on the United Kingdom Context of the Czech Republic Context of the Czech Republic Years Asylum Main Country Pos. Main Appls. of Origin Dec. Country of Origin 1423 Romania 1990­94 7967 Romania, Bulgaria 1995­99 17,034 Afghanistan, Bulgaria 474 Afghanistan 2000­04 52,220 Ukraine, Russia 669 Russia 2005­09 12,008 Ukraine, Slovakia 832 Russia Source: Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Czech Integration Policies Czech Integration Policies ► State privileges three specific dimensions of the integration process Housing Language Employment Housing Assistance Policy Housing Assistance Policy ► Main challenges: Lack of knowledge about housing assistance • I wasn’t offered housing after getting asylum. I have been in the Czech Republic for 7 years and have never been offered housing. Female, Belarus Location of available housing • I was offered housing in a small village of 100 people where there is no work. Male, Iraq Housing Assistance Policy Housing Assistance Policy ► Main challenges (cont.) No choice in the matter • My sister asked for housing in Prague close to the center and was told that she should go to New York if she was so important. Female, Turkmenistan Language Training Policy Language Training Policy ► Main barriers: Not enough free language training • I had 2 months of Czech language school offered by the Ministry, but I stopped because I would have had to pay for more. Male, Iraq Organization of classes • …different teachers in 3 different places made it hard. It is not good because the classes are not individual. You learn in a group with people at different levels. Male, Myanmar Employment Assistance Policy Employment Assistance Policy ► Main impediments: Lack of employment assistance knowledge • I was not offered housing or employment assistance. Male, Russia Insufficient Czech language skills • I didn’t use it because I don’t understand Czech. And I went somewhere to get a job but the jobs were offered to Czechs first. Male, Pakistan Downward Mobility Downward Mobility Participant Prior Employment in employment Female, Armenia Accountant CR Retail clerk Female, Belarus Self­employed Male, Cameroon Ministry employee University faculty Female, Iraq Employed Unemployed Male, Iraq Employed Unemployed Male, Pakistan Business­owner Market employee Male, Russia Bank manager Russian tutor French tutor ...
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