12 Neurotransmitters

12 Neurotransmitters - Biology141(Physiology 1:03 AM...

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4/6/08 1:03 AM Biology141 (Physiology) Page 1 of 4 https://courses.bio.psu.edu/spring2008/biol141/Lecture%2012(2008).htm Biology141 (Physiology) Lecture 12 M. Whim NEUROTRANSMITTERS. [1]. BACKGROUND. there are 2 classes of neurotransmitter receptors: 1. Ligand-gated channels - the transmitter receptor is also an ion channel. 2. G protein-coupled channels - activation of the receptor generates a “second messenger” that regulates a physically distinct ion channel. the same neurotransmitter can activate the 2 different types of receptors . for example? how can the different subtypes of receptors be identified? 1. 2. [2]. LIGAND-GATED CHANNELS. activation of these receptors changes the membrane potential RAPIDLY and TRANSIENTLY . for example the nicotinic acetylcholine (ACh) receptor. an excitatory receptor , covered in lecture 11. other ligand-gated channels are inhibitory (i.e. cause a hyperpolarization of membrane potential). for example the GABA receptor (see later).
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12 Neurotransmitters - Biology141(Physiology 1:03 AM...

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