pt31 Phy 102 2010

pt31 Phy 102 2010 - Physics 102 FORM 0 [l] What is the...

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Physics 102 FORM 0 [l] What is the focal length of the combined lenses with individual powers of 8.0 diopters and 4.0 diopters? _ [A] 8.0 cm [B] 5.6 cm [C] 6.0 cm ([Dp.S cm [E] 4.0 cm [2] A little known fact is that both Robinson Crusoe and Friday wore eyeglasses. As it so happens, Robinson Crusoe was farsighted while Friday was nearsighted. Whose eyeglasses djd they use whenever they wanted to start a fire by focusing the Sun's rays? ([AJjRobinson Crusoe's. [B] Friday's. [C] Both would work equally well. [D] Both actually worked, but Friday's worked a little bit better. [E] Neither worked, they were in possession of matches. [3] A single-slit diffraction pattern is formed on a distant screen. Assuming the angles involved are small, by what factor will the width of the central bright spot on the screen change if the wavelength is doubled? It will be cut to one-quarter its original size. [B] It will be cut in half. It will double. [D] It will become four times as large. It will become eight times as large. [4] White light is passed through a diffraction grating that has 250 lines/mm. On each side of the white central maximum, a spectrum of colors is observed. What is the wavelength of the light observed at an angle of 7.00° in the first order bright fringes? [A] 417 nm /f5J)487 nm [C] 589 nm [D] 632 nm [E] 668 nm [5] Astronaut Rachel leaves Earth in a spaceship at a speed of 0.960c relative to an observer on Earth, Rachel's destination is a star system 28.8 light-years away, as it is viewed from
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pt31 Phy 102 2010 - Physics 102 FORM 0 [l] What is the...

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