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pt41 Phy 101 2009

pt41 Phy 101 2009 - Physics 101[l The velocity of function...

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Physics 101 [l] The velocity of a runner as a v * function of time is given in the figure. Find the displacement of the runner during the time interval 5 m/s 0 < t < 20 s. [A] 45.0 m ([51)62.5 m - -*• [C] 72.0m 5s 10s zos t [D] 78.5 m [2] A rocket blasts off and moves straight upward from the launch pad with constant acceleration. After 3.0 s the rocket is at the height of 77 m. What is its speed at this time? [A] 45 m/s (ft) 51 m/s [C] 55 m/s [D] 59 m/s [3] A person walks 10.0 m at an angle of 45° north of east, and then he walks 15.0 m west. Find the magnitude of the displacement of the person. ).6 m [B] 12.4 m [C] 13.6 m [D] none of above [4] A 10.0-kg crate is being pulled along a horizontal smooth surface. The pulling force is 80.0 N and is directed 30.0° above the horizontal. What is the magnitude of the acceleration of the crate? .^ [A] 3.0 m/s 2 [B] 6.0 m/s 2 [C] 8.0 m/s 2 (jDjJnone of above [5] A 1500.0-kg car is picking up speed as it goes around a horizontal curve whose radius is 200.0 m. The coefficient of static friction between the tires and the road is 0.400. At what speed will the car begin to skid sideways? [A] 18.5 m/s (fB])28.0 m/s [C] 45.9 m/s [D] 56.0 m/s [6] A 10.0-N horizontal force pushes an object along a rough floor so that the object moves with a constant velocity of 4.00 m/s. How much power does this force deliver to the object? [A] 0 W [B] 2.50 W (0)40.0 W [D] 80.0 W [7] A 10-kg stainless steel ball falling at a speed of 50 m/s enters a large tank of oil. After falling 10 m through the oil, the ball's speed has decreased to 30 m/s. The non-conservative work done on the ball by the friction force due to the oil is ([Ajj-9 kJ [B] +9 kJ [C] -12 kJ [D] +12 kJ [8] A loaded gun is dropped onto a frozen lake. The gun fires, with the bullet traveling horizontally in the x direction. The bullet's mass is 0.020 kg, and its speed is 600 m/s. If the gun's mass is 1.2 kg, what is its final velocity? -~^ [A] -5 m/s y [B] 5 m/s y [C] -10 m/s x (jDplO m/s x [9] A wheel that is rotating at 33.3 rad/s is given an angular acceleration of 4.30 rad/s 2 . Through what angle has the wheel turned when its angular speed reaches 72.0 rad/s? [A] 83.2 rad [B] 226 rad /[S]>474 rad [D] 948 rad
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Physics 101 [10] The moment of inertia of a uniform rod about its center is given by I = ML 2 /12. What is the kinetic energy of a 1.20-m rod with a mass of 0.900 kg rotating about its center at 3.6rad/s?
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pt41 Phy 101 2009 - Physics 101[l The velocity of function...

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