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Clint Robertson Chem 111L September 20, 2010 Discussion and Conclusion For our samples we concluded that most of the samples were around 5% concentration of organic material; however we did have two samples that did not lie close to the 5% mark. Our 8- 10 cm depth sample fell just below 2% concentration of organic material; our other sample that was not close to the 5% mark was the 12-14 cm sample. This sample was just below 24% concentration of organic material. The reason for these variations could be that there was a dry
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Unformatted text preview: spell during the 8-10 cm deep time causing there to be less organic material. During the 12-14 cm deep time period there could have been either a much higher water level or a flood that caused the concentration to be higher. The observations at the site cant support our results because the current vegetation may not have been around at the time that the samples we collected....
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