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A. Research Question What is the identity of each unknown solution? B. Observation and Results For all tables, results, and calculations please see yellow pages 22-24 C. Claims The identity of each unknown solution is listed below. 19-A—Na 2 CO3 19-B—NaCl 19-C—HCl 19-D—AgNO 3 19-E—Pb(NO 3 ) 2 19-F—KI D. Evidence When the solutions are combined, sometimes certain reactions happen between the two chemicals. There may be a precipitate formed, the color of the solution may change, there could be bubbles formed, there could be violent reactions such as explosions, or sometimes, there may be no visible sign that a reaction even took place. During this experiment, Taylor and I experienced many of these chemical reactions take place in both the unknown and the known sets of chemicals. When looking over the reactions that we recorded, it was clear that these had to be the same chemicals as the previous ones. In order to find out which chemicals were which, we had to do some deductive reasoning. With KI, we noticed that it had three “No visible
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