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MSE 308 Dept. of Materials Science & Engineering Thermodynamics of Materials Spring 2005/Bill Knowlton Problem Set 6 1. Develop a state function for temperature for a system that varies with Gibb’s free energy and volume. Simplify your answer to receive full credit. 2. Apply your solution to a gas of your choice and a solid of your choice. State your problem or pose the question to the problem. After you obtain your answers, comment or provide insight to what you have found. Use the table of materials parameters you obtained in class to aid you. You will be graded on your completeness and insight to the problem. 3. Develop a state function for a change in pressure for a process where S and H are changed. Simplify your answer to receive full credit. 4. Estimate the pressure required to keep a sample of zirconia from expanding as it is heated
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