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Problem Set 1 Solutions - MSE 308 Thermodynamics of...

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MSE 308 Dept. of Materials Science & Engineering Thermodynamics of Materials Spring 2005/Bill Knowlton Problem Set 1 Solutions 1. In sections1.3, Gaskell states the final volume, V 3 , is independent of the order in which the steps to attain V 3 are taken. Explain why this is so. Use section 1.2 to help you. Because the state function is an exact differential and the state function is given by equation 1.1 and equation 1.4. In thermodynamics, we only care about comparing the initial state and the final state. We do not care by what path it changes from initial to final. The whole reason we can ignore the path is that exact differentials are path independent. More on this later. 2. In section 1.6, Gaskell gives a brief synopsis of extensive and intensive properties (or variables) of a system. According to his definitions, determine whether the following properties (or variables) are extensive or intensive and explain your reasoning. a. y = y 1 = y 2 = y 3 , where y 1 , y 2 and y 3 are variables measured in a system that is in equilibrium. i. Provide several examples of variables. Y is an intensive variable because at each point in the system it is the same as the system as a whole (point variable). Examples are pressure and temperature.
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Problem Set 1 Solutions - MSE 308 Thermodynamics of...

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