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EC 3 RuleSolveWordProc - o Do the examples in Chapter 0.5...

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Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering Bill Knowlton Extra Credit Assignment 3 Using the computers in MEC 408 (or your own software package of Mathematica), use Mathematica to work through: From “Chapter 0” of the book “A Mathematica Companion for Differential Equations ” by Selwyn Hollis (Prentice Hall, 2003), [ISBN: 0-13-046329-9] provided in class. o Follow the directions to use Mathematica as a Word processor on page 10- 11 and do so as you carry out the following:
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Unformatted text preview: o Do the examples in Chapter 0.5 Lists starting on page 15-25. o Do the examples in Chapter 0.6 Rules on pages 26-17. o Using your newly gained knowledge from the examples you just did AND the posted pdf file for extra credit 3 called “ Rules & Sys of Equations Example ”, write a brief program to extract a solution from a function that you’ve defined. Worth 3 to 5 points towards Problem Set 3. Depends on grader. EC 3 RuleSolveWordProc.doc...
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