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MSE 310 Prob Set 0 2011 - MSE 310/ECE 340 Electrical...

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MSE 310/ECE 340 Dept. of Materials Science & Engineering Electrical Properties of Materials Fall 2011/Bill Knowlton 1 Problem Set 0 1. Download the “Band Diagram Program” and open the file “Au-Sio2-Au.bds”. Keep this program on your computer as we will be using this program throughout the semester… To download the “Band Diagram Program”, go to the following link: http://nano.boisestate.edu/research-areas/multi-dielectric-energy-band-diagram-program/other/ Click on “+ Java Version” You will be prompted for a Password. Use the password given in class. Note that you may be prompted twice. Download the zipped file and copy its contents onto your computer Run the file called “Band3.jar” It will open and prompt you to agree to the terms and conditions When you agree to the terms and conditions, the program will load and will yield the following GUI that shows and
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