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MSE 508 Problem Set 2 [2011] - MSE 508 Solid State...

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MSE 508 Dept. of Materials Science & Engineering Solid State Thermodynamics Spring 2011/Bill Knowlton Problem Set 2 1. Using dV and dS as a function of T and P that we derived in class, fully derive the rest of toolbox 3 (i.e., dU , dH , dF , and dG ). 2. Derive the relationship that describes the dependence of Helmholtz free energy upon entropy and temperature. 3. Consider the situation in which you were asked to compare the numerical values of the coefficient: V F S for a monatomic ideal gas, for a solid, or a liquid. To do such a comparison, derive the state function in differential form and the coefficient as a function of materials parameters that you would use to make the comparison. Then, discuss how the coefficient would compare between the following: a monatomic ideal gas, for a solid, or a liquid. Hint: to start this problem, think about what variables are sought (dependent variable) and given (independent variables). For the last part of the problem, think in terms of gas phases versus condensed phases.
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