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MSE 508 Dept. of Materials Science & Engineering Solid State Thermodynamics Spring 2011/Bill Knowlton - 1 - T H H f ( T ) Fig. 1: H versus T S V L P T Fig. 2: P versus T Problem Set 5 1. Thoroughly state and solve a problem analogous to the problem that was solved in class where we used NaF as the material of interest. Be sure to include the references (not from our books – use another source – e.g., “Smithells Metals Reference Book” referenced in complete form or some other reference) for the material and vapor pressure data you chose and a sketch of a fully labeled Pressure versus Temperature equilibrium phase diagram. State and justify any assumptions you. You are the instructor, so include a complete and understandable posed question and solution to your problem. 2. At the normal boiling temperature of iron, T b = 3330K, the rate of change of the vapor pressure of liquid iron with temperature is 3.72 x 10 -3 atm/K. Calculate the molar latent heat of boiling of iron at 3330 K.
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