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MSE 508 Dept. of Materials Science & Engineering Solid State Thermodynamics Bill Knowlton 1 of 1 Project 3 – Equilibrium Ternary Compositional Phase Diagrams ( Due 18 st of April ) Project : I am a student in your equilibrium ternary phase diagram class and know absolutely nothing of or about equilibrium ternary phase diagrams. However, I do know about binary equilibrium phase diagrams. In order to teach me about equilibrium ternary phase diagrams and how to use them, your assignment is the following: Describe ternary compositional phase diagrams. Use a specific ternary materials system for your description. ( be sure to reference the paper ) Describe the following: a. Differences from binary phase diagram b. Basic overview of ternary compositional phase diagrams c. Describe 2 phase and 3 phase equilibrium aspects (regions, tie lines, etc.) d. Show how one can use the Lever Rule in a ternary phase diagram (both 2 phase and 3 phase regions) e. Provide applications for the ternary system you chose. Related Information
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