MSE 508 Spring 2011 Syllabus

MSE 508 Spring 2011 Syllabus - Boise State University...

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Boise State University Spring 2011 Department of Materials Science and Engineering Prof. Knowlton MSE 508: Solid State Thermodynamics - Course Syllabus and Objectives - - You are responsible for understanding what is expected of you as outlined in this syllabus - Instructor: Bill Knowlton, 202M MEC, 426-5705 (emergency only), Classroom, Date and Time: MEC 206, Tues. & Thurs.; 4-5:50pm Office Hours: Tues 10-11am; Thurs. 9-10am (or by appointment) – send e-mail (best not to call) Discussion Section : Wed 10:40-11:30am – Rm. TBA Grader/TA Office Hours : N/A Prerequisites: Math 333 (Differential Equations), MSE 308 (Thermodynamics of Materials) or Chem. 322 (P-Chem Thermo) or ENGR 320 (Thermodynamics I) or Physics 432 (Thermal Physics) or with permission of instructor. Course Website: then click on "Courses" Text Book: Required: Thermodynamics in Materials Science , Robert T. DeHoff, 2 nd Edition (Taylor & Francis, 2006). Highly Recommended: Introduction to the Thermodynamics of Materials , David R. Gaskell, 4 th ED. (Taylor & Francis, 2003) ISBN: 1-56032-992-0. I have copies in my office available for check-out for 1 day intervals. Schaum's Outlines - Mathematica , Eugene Don Course Website Notes – please download and bring to class Final Exam: Date : Tues, May 10 ; Time : 3:30-5:30pm; Room : to be determined Problem Sets (30%): 12-16 problem sets (NOTE: highest percentage of grade comes from the Prob. Sets!!!) Problem Set o There will be considerable computation involved. MSE majors (undergrad and grad) are expected to use the mathematical software package, Mathematica, as this program is the mathematical software package of choice by the Dept. of MS&E. Any program submitted to me must be neat, decipherable, and fully documented with comments. Computer Labs available to COEN students with Mathematica available include COEN computer labs ET212, ET238, ET237, ET312, MEC402 and MEC103 (if not please let me know). In addition, you may use other mathematical software packages such as such as Maple or MatLab or data analysis software such as Origin or JMP. Many Computer labs have Mathematica, Maple & MatLab. You cannot use EXCEL unless I specify otherwise. o To receive full credit, you must: Turned in problem sets prior to class on Thursday. Late problem sets are not accepted unless it is due to an excused absence. Excused absences include family emergency, illness, and university- approved activities. Each student is responsible for contacting the instructor before the problem set is due if and when an absence is unavoidable. Each student is responsible for checking with the instructor or a classmate when an absence occurs in order to stay on schedule with class assignments, readings, etc. Unexcused absences include attending other classes, vacation plans, work, computer problems, sleep deprivation, Greek activities, etc. . Only students who have verification of an illness will be automatically excused. Other excuses for absences will either be
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MSE 508 Spring 2011 Syllabus - Boise State University...

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