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Unformatted text preview: outside of a 2-m-long, 3.2-cm-outer-diameter vertical tube maintained at 15°C. Determine (a) the average heat transfer FIGURE P10–77 10–78E Saturated steam at 100°F is condensed on a 6-ft-high vertical plate that is maintained at 80°F. Determine the rate of heat transfer from the steam to the plate and the rate of condensation per foot width of the plate. 10–79 Saturated refrigerant-134a vapor at 35°C is to be condensed on the outer surface of a 7-m-long, 1.5-cm-diameter horizontal tube that is maintained at a temperature of 25°C. Determine the rate at which the refrigerant will condense, in kg/min. 10–80 Repeat Problem 10–79 for a tube diameter of 3 cm. 10–81 Saturated steam at 270.1 kPa condenses inside a horizontal, 6-m-long, 3-cm-internal-diameter pipe whose surface is maintained at 110°C. Assuming low vapor velocity, determine cen58933_ch10.qxd 9/4/2002 12:38 PM Page 559 559 CHAPTER 10 the average heat transfer coefficient and the rate of condensation of the steam inside the pipe. Answers: 3345 W/m2 · °C, 0.0174 kg/s 10–82 A 1.5-cm-diameter silver sphere initially at 30°C is suspended in a room filled with saturated steam at 100°C. Using the lumped system analysis, determine how long it will take for the temperature of the ball to rise to 50°C. Also, determine the amount of steam that condenses during this process and verify that the lumped system analysis is applicable. 10–83 Repeat Problem 10–82 for a 3-cm-diameter copper ball. 10–84 You have probably noticed that water vapor that condenses on a canned drink slides down, clearing the surface for further condensation. Therefore, condensation in this case can be considered to be dropwise. Determine the condensation heat transfer coefficient on a cold canned drink at 5°C that is placed in a large container filled with saturated steam at 95°C. Steam 95°C 5°C FIGURE P10–84 behind the refrigerator. Heat transfer from the outer surface of the coil to the surroundings is by natura...
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