What was the role of the american society of

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Unformatted text preview: l convection and radiation. Obtaining information about the operating conditions of the refrigerator, including the pressures and temperatures of the refrigerant at the inlet and the exit of the coil, show that the coil is selected properly, and determine the safety margin in the selection. 10–88 Water-cooled steam condensers are commonly used in steam power plants. Obtain information about water-cooled steam condensers by doing a literature search on the topic and also by contacting some condenser manufacturers. In a report, describe the various types, the way they are designed, the limitation on each type, and the selection criteria. 10–89 Steam boilers have long been used to provide process heat as well as to generate power. Write an essay on the history of steam boilers and the evolution of modern supercritical steam power plants. What was the role of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers in this development? 10–90 The technology for power generation using geothermal energy is well established, and numerous geothermal power plants throughout the world are currently generating electricity economically. Binary geothermal plants utilize a volatile secondary fluid such as isobutane, n-pentane, and R-114 in a closed loop. Consider a binary geothermal plant with R-114 as the working fluid that is flowing at a rate of 600 kg/s. The R-114 is vaporized in a boiler at 115°C by the geothermal fluid that enters at 165°C and is condensed at 30°C outside the tubes by cooling water that enters the tubes at 18°C. Design the condenser of this binary plant. Specify (a) the length, diameter, and number of tubes and their arrangement in the condenser, (b) the mass flow rate of cooling water, and (c) the flow rate of make-up water needed if a cooling tower is used to reject the waste heat from the cooling water. The liquid velocity is to remain under 6 m/s and the length of the tubes is limited to 8 m. 10–85 A resistance heater made of 2-mm-diameter nickel wire is used to heat water at 1 atm pressure. Determine the highest temperature at which this heater can operat...
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